Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beijing Bonus!

On our recent travels to Beijing, China, one of our highlight visits was a trip out to 798 District - once a huge industrial area and now overtaken by Chinese artists. With over 200 studio/galleries this is really an inspiring place to wander around and discover awesome contemporary Chinese art at its best.
AND (and this is a big AND) we found Flat White cafe - and altho the barista didn't speak a word of english, he sure knew how to turn out an excellent kiwi style flat white!

Unfortunately we didn't try our luck explaining a fluffy and so our reviewer settled for an excellent vanilla milkshake.
So, when in Beijing, march on down to 798 and get a flat white and be artfully inspired!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dish Cafe, Masterton

This is one of our best visits when we're in the Wairarapa. Yes, Wellingtonians all head for the Greytown/Martinborough Mecca (yawn) whereas this largely undiscovered suburban cafe number 10 First St in Masterton, delivers some of the most delicious food with fantastic attention to detail from the barista to the point of remembering our particular way of having our shot - this is weeks and weeks after our previous visit!

And as you can see The Fluffy Reviewer was beyond thumbs up impressed with the superior fluffy delivered - requiring all toes up too apparently. (Thank goodness they have proper furniture - not a lightweight plastic chair in sight)
Anyhow, the straw (never seen before by our review team) became the diverting meccanno construction element combined with the marshmallow and we all had a relaxing fun time!!
So GO GO GO to Dish Cafe and enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Monmouth Coffee LONDON

We reckon when you go to some fabulous destination (and let's face it London is a fantastic city) you shouldn't try to do TOO many things. So we always pick a couple of things each of us really wants to do on the trip and then leave the rest to how the visit plays out.
On the top of my list when we go to London is ALWAYS a visit to Monmouth coffee, 27 Monmouth St, Convent Garden. It's just down from Seven Dials - where seven streets meet and my Mum got completely lost trying to remember which street I was down!
Anyhow, they've been in the coffee business since 1978 roasting their own beans and making the best coffee in London... so we thought we'd check out if they know a thing or two about kids fluffies.
A picture speaks a thousand words and here you have it..

Finger licking good - served in a kid sized takeout cup and George laced it with their delicious organic sugar which makes up for the lack of accoutrements!

The cookie went down well too!!

So, when in London, make sure you go to Monmouth Coffee and let us know if you agree!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Palmy vs Wangas

Yes, the great challenge. When living in Mangaweka, to get to the big smoke we have 2 choices; Wanganui 1 hour to the west or Palmerston North 1 hour to the east. So we decided the best basis for the decision should be the quality of the the fluffies on offer. Whilst not an exhaustive search, we picked busy, easy to get to and well known cafes; Cafe Cuba in Palmy and Orange in Wangavegas.

And the verdict is:
Big thumbs up for Cafe Cuba, cnr George and Cuba sts, our reviewer was GREATLY impressed with 3 marshmallows and an intricate syrup and choco artwork to muck up with fingers and spoons. And it was chocolate milk too, when will the sweetness end? This was a top class effort at $1.50 and Ma & Pa reckon the Supreme roast coffee is consistently good too. (And the chocolate silk cake is excellent - heaven on a plate).

So how does the competition stack up?

Well, The Orange Cafe, river end of Victoria Ave has unfortunately suffered in its review from the vagaries of having a 4 year old as senior reviewer! Bit of a thumbs down here for the $1 fluffy, lacking in artistic interpretation and only 2 fluffy marshmallows. That said Mum & Dad both agreed these were pretty good coffees (Gravity beans and we had piccolos) and the beetroot risotto was up there in the foodie stakes.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meet the Fluffy Review Squad

Welcome to the Fluffy Review - the blogspot for those who appreciate the finer fluffy things in life!

Introducing George, the qualified 4 year old fluffy reviewer, whose credentials include extensive fluffy development and trialing at Mum & Dad's i5 cafe in Mangaweka, thorough market research within the vibrant New Zealand cafe scene and appreciation (or not as the case may be) of international fluffy attempts on his world travels. All this coupled with a sweet tooth and a generally fussy disposition and there can be no better judge of fluffy standards.�

So, we'll do our darndest as we travel about to give you a thorough run down of highlights and lowlights in our family quest to discover the ultimate fluffy - we welcome your comments and recommendations - but remember let's keep it all just a wee bit fun and fluffy!