Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dish Cafe, Masterton

This is one of our best visits when we're in the Wairarapa. Yes, Wellingtonians all head for the Greytown/Martinborough Mecca (yawn) whereas this largely undiscovered suburban cafe number 10 First St in Masterton, delivers some of the most delicious food with fantastic attention to detail from the barista to the point of remembering our particular way of having our shot - this is weeks and weeks after our previous visit!

And as you can see The Fluffy Reviewer was beyond thumbs up impressed with the superior fluffy delivered - requiring all toes up too apparently. (Thank goodness they have proper furniture - not a lightweight plastic chair in sight)
Anyhow, the straw (never seen before by our review team) became the diverting meccanno construction element combined with the marshmallow and we all had a relaxing fun time!!
So GO GO GO to Dish Cafe and enjoy!!