Sunday, October 17, 2010

So, DISH in Masterton has changed hands and it was time to try new options..
The cafe savvy, Auntie Cindy dragged our capable reviewer along to ENTICE cafe, right alongside the Art Gallery and more importantly, Queen Elizabeth Park. (Which incidentally provides the best fun, forget the bread for the ducks, take some mince (or rotten eggs are apparently better) and feed the eels. We ended up with a gang of kids thrilled about eels taking bites out of unsuspecting ducks bums - great fun for the whole family!!)
Anyhoo, back to the fluffy point of the tale. ENTICE rated double thumbs up with the welcome helping of marshmallows, and a towering mound of fluffy milk. Ma & Pa were a little disappointed with the table clearance speeds (perhaps an appropriately positioned eel would have helped this!!)
but we'll go back I suspect...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Disneyland Los Angeles

The Fluffy Reviewer (and the attached entourage) love Disneyland but there is not a quality fluffy in sight, with perhaps this cup being the only one worthy of recording in our epic quest to get a decent (or even halfway decent) espresso.
The only suggestion we've got is take a thermos flask...
Hey if anyone out there can recommend anywhere in LA, we'll give it a whirl...