Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Monmouth Coffee LONDON

We reckon when you go to some fabulous destination (and let's face it London is a fantastic city) you shouldn't try to do TOO many things. So we always pick a couple of things each of us really wants to do on the trip and then leave the rest to how the visit plays out.
On the top of my list when we go to London is ALWAYS a visit to Monmouth coffee, 27 Monmouth St, Convent Garden. It's just down from Seven Dials - where seven streets meet and my Mum got completely lost trying to remember which street I was down!
Anyhow, they've been in the coffee business since 1978 roasting their own beans and making the best coffee in London... so we thought we'd check out if they know a thing or two about kids fluffies.
A picture speaks a thousand words and here you have it..

Finger licking good - served in a kid sized takeout cup and George laced it with their delicious organic sugar which makes up for the lack of accoutrements!

The cookie went down well too!!

So, when in London, make sure you go to Monmouth Coffee and let us know if you agree!